Prizes & Grants 2021

1st Prize

The Arthur Rubinstein Award

– Competition Gold Medal and $40,000 Donated by the Pratt Foundation (Australia)

2nd Prize

The Sara & Moshe Mayer Award

– Competition Silver Medal and $20,000 Donated by Kena & Zalman Shoval

3rd Prize

The Gilon Family Award

– Competition Bronze Medal and $10,000 Donated by Yael & Zohar Gilon

All medals were designed by Pablo Picasso

3 Finalist Prizes

$6,000 for each of the  additional finalist, Donated by:
Naschitz Family, in memory of Ethan Naschitz, Nehama & Gad Naschitz
Sara & Prof. Michael Sela
Liora & Menachem Sternberg (New York)

Best Performer of Chamber Music Prize

Donated by Lady Annabelle Weidenfeld (London)

Best Performer of a Beethoven Concerto Prize

Donated by Ruth & Uriel Arnon

Audience Favorite Prize

Donated by Orr & Liron Karassin, in memory of their beloved grandparents, Herta Auerbach and Esther & Zusia Barkai

Best Performer of a Chopin Piece Prize

Donated by the Rosenblum Family, in memory of Dr. Herzl Rosenblum, former editor of “Yedioth Ahronoth” newspaper

Best Performer of an Israeli Piece Prize

Donated by Pelossof family, in memory of their beloved mother Renny Pelossof

Best Israeli Performer Prize

Donated by “Zefunot Culture” (Secrets of Culture) organization

Advance Studies Prize

$1000 a year (for 3 consecutive years) for the outstanding pianist, up to 22 years of age
Donated by the Heda Preissman Foundation

Junior Jury Prize

Donated by Nissan Spector, in memory of his son, Guy Spector

Encouragement Grant

$500 to each competitor, who competed in Stage II but did not reach the Finals
Donated by Arie Vardi, in memory of Bela & Dov Vardi

Audience Favorite in
the Periphery

$500 for the Auidence Favorite in: 
$500 – Akko (Acre)
$500 – Jezrael Valley
$500 – Or Akiva
$500 – Netivot
$500 – Sha’ar HaNegev

Junior Jury Encouragement Grant

To a Competitor in Stage I who did not reach Stage II
Donated by Nissan Spector in memory of his son, Guy Spector

Junior Jury Encouragement Grant

To a Competitor in Stage II who did not reach the Finals
Donated by Rabinowitz & Cohen-Mintz families, in memory of Sarah Rabinowitz

Special Grant

Up to $500 to each competitor, to partly cover cost of flight ticket
Donated by the Bistritzky Foundation