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of The Arthur Rubinstein International Society

The Arthur Rubinstein International  Piano Master Competition is considered amongst the leading piano competitions in the world. Since the first competition took place in 1974, with Maestro Rubinstein himself in the Jury, accomplished pianists from all over the world have been travelling to Tel Aviv to participate in the renowned contest, and its acclaimed and accomplished prize winners are leading participants in the international piano music scene.

The ongoing success of the competition, over 4 decades, is largely thanks to the support from its international supporters.

In 2009 the Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition introduced, for the first time its laureates at a concert in London. From then on, London became a permanent stop for our winners. Laureates such as Daniil Trifonov, Boris Giltburg, Roman Rabinovich, Szymon Nehring, Daniel Ciobanu, Sara Daneshpour, Ching-Yun Hu and Antonii Baryshevskyi were presented by the Rubinstein Society at Wigmore Hall, St. John’s Smith Square and Southbank’s Purcell Room.

These concerts attracted a great deal of interest, which resulted in 2015 in the establishment of the Arthur Rubinstein International Music Society (ARIMS) UK.

In order to further develop the International Piano Competition ARIMS UK seeks to reach the following goals:

  • To promote the laureates of the competition, enhance their professional development and their international careers.

HOW? ARIMS UK will hold public concerts in London featuring winners of the competition, thus enhancing their audience reach and reputation.

  • To commemorate Arthur Rubinstein’s artistic and musical heritage, preserve and promote his legacy of musicianship, excellence and education.

HOW? By performing and distributing recordings, CDs, videos, books and other publications related to Arthur Rubinstein’s life and art and to the Arthur Rubinstein competition.

  • To promote and support the classical music education of young people with particular emphasis on pianists.

HOW? By organizing musical activities in educational institutions, such as schools, universities, music libraries and institutions of classical music education.

  • To support the Arthur Rubinstein International Master competition which is held in Tel Aviv every 3 years.

HOW? By creating a community of society members and encouraging these and other supporters to take part in the society’s events and activities, attend the competition’s concerts in Israel and become ambassadors of the Arthur Rubinstein Society

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