Lucerne School of Music (2015-Present)
Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester (2014-2015)
National Music Academy of Ukraine (2007-2012)

Konstantin Lifschitz (2015-Present)
Graham Scott (2014-2015)
Eliso Virsaladze

Awards & Prizes
Semi-finalist, Queen Elisabeth International Piano Competition (2016)
3rd Prize, Public Prize and Contemporary Prize, Jaen International Piano Competition (2016)
2nd Prize, Helsinki Maj Lind Piano Competition (2012)
1st Prize, Poznan European Competition (2012)
1st Prize, Maria Canals Barcelona (2010)
4th Prize and Sonata Prize, Tbilisi International Piano Competition (2004)

This is Me

My Playing


Stage I – Recital
W. Byrd

Have with Yow to Walsingame
(My Lady Nevells Booke & Fitzwilliam Virginal Book)


Sonata No. 5 in C Minor, Op. 10, No. 1
- Allegro molto e con brio
- Adagio molto
- Finale: Prestissimo


Étude No. 4 "Fanfares" (Book II)

Étude No. 16 "Pour Irina" (Book III)

Stage II – Recital
B. Olivero

On Water, Wind and Bells


9 Etudes-Tableaux op.39
I. Allegro agitato
II. Lento assai
III. Allegro molto
IV. Allegro assai
V. Appassionato
VI. Allegro
VII. Lento lugubre
VIII. Allegro moderato
IX. Allegro moderato. Tempo di Marcia

Stage III – Finals
Classical Concerto
Chamber Music
Grand Concerto
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