Christopher Axworthy on Juan Pérez Floristán

Christopher Axworthy – Music Commentary
Wonder of wonders a miracle of ravishing playing where time just stood still as we listened breathless in wonder. A young man who recreated the music not only before our eyes but where he too is astonished by the wonders that flow from his fingers.
Has the menace of the Appassionata ever been more terrifying than in the opening few bars or the sumptuous beauty that follows that until now only Rubinstein could make glow like gold.
Chopin Preludes that I had heard streamed live from Duszniki Festival together with the same group by Liszt but tonight created an electric atmosphere that made words superfluous. Where most pianists have a range of ten gradations in every note, Floristan has 100 but even that is a ridiculous calculation because it is infinite.
At last an artist, the worthy heir of Rubinstein. An artist who lives and breathes music.

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